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No assurance in Islam.

March 31st, 2012

Friday here in Ghana, I watched Voice Of Islam, which is a Muslim teaching show on TV.

They had some Muslim scholars talking on who Jesus is.
Yet it was very apparent they did not personally know the saviour. The lecturer had some knowledge about Christ based on the Quran. Yet there was no confidence shown in actually knowing God, or the Christ. Folks it was Muslim Scholars that I saw teaching about Christ, yet even their scholars showed a lack of knowledge and confidence in knowing about God, and Christ.

It was very plain that instead of looking to God for truth, rather they kept looking inwards and back at themselves for the answers. I kept hearing the phrase, we Muslims believe this. So dear reader if you are a Muslim, I am praying you will repent and receive Jesus as your Lord.

Rather: fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, ….

See the Christians (children of God) look to Christ for the answers, we don’t have to look each other for moral support or truth, rather we look to God/Christ for the answers.

Jesus is from above, and perfect so lets look to him…..


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