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God’s love shown to Muslims…

November 17th, 2009

The above pictures show little Zariatu before her operation as they stayed with us in Tema on route to Benin, and then a few days after the surgery on the 29th of October. Zariatu and her family are from a Muslim background as are many in the North of Ghana.

I had the opportunity in October 2009 with the help of some dear Christian Brothers and Sisters (who paid for the transportation) to transport Zariatu and her mum to Benin for the cleft lip and palate surgeries. This was done on board the largest non-govt. hospital ship in the world, “The African Mercy”, a Christian vessel.

I was almost in tears after seeing the little one the day after her surgery. Such a life changing experience yet many in the villages are not aware of the help that is available, or they cant afford the transportion to a clinic that performs such work.

Zariatu now has a totally different life opportunity before her. With the help of partners we were even able to bless her with a couple of nice new dresses for her to return home to the village …………………

God certainly loves the Muslims and Idol Worshipers, He just doesn’t like what they teach or often practice.

Hopefully we will be able to provide the same service in 2010 to those in the villages with cleft lips/palates and cataracts as the African Mercy will be in Togo next year. If you would like to partner with us in this work please email me. Accra4warm@gmail.com

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