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A Jehovah’s Witness is Born Again.

March 1st, 2010

What glorious news I received today…………………….

As I sat down next to the two shoe repair men here in Tema Community one in Ghana. We struck up a conversation about the things of God.

I had noticed some Jehovah’s Witness (they call themselves Jehovah’s Witnesses but they can’t be as they lack the power to witness) material on the table in front of me. I was wondering about the repairers and their faith.

I need not have been so concerned as one man, named Seth Opuku had this to say, and I quote him. ” I am 27 years of age, for 25 years I have been a Jehovah’s Witness (JW), yet after I had a dream which prompted me to receive Christ as my savior then I received life.”

Turns out Seth’s mum and dad and siblings are all JW’s. Seth has grown up only knowing about the Watchtower organizations twisted slant on theology, yet God/Jehovah has personally intervened in the life of this dear brother to deliver him.

In January of 2009 he had a dream, which made it clear he was being ordered to go and do something without question. When he awoke he knew he was supposed to go to a local Presbyterian church and speak to the pastor.

The next morning/Sunday he did just that, even though his family tried to stop him. The pastor prayed for him and Seth was Born Again…..Praise God!

He now lives on the street at his place of work. He sleeps right there on the bench where I sat while my shoe was repaired. Seems his family have disowned him. He told me that now because of the life he has in Christ that he doesn’t care so much that his family have rejected him and that he has joy in his new relationship with Jehovah.

All the years that he had with the JW’s and in that time he kept refusing to receive the Jehovah’s Witness water baptism as he said “it didn’t feel right.”

The local Muslims in the area call Seth ‘Pastor’ and it seems that he has been active in sharing the new life within him with others………………..

Pray for Seth and others like him to be delivered into the Kingdom of light………………….

From a grateful Steve.

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