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‘The Bible is not perfect it has plenty of mistakes’…..according to Mormon teaching.

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Why Mormons are not Christians!

Dear reader I Steven Andrews an Evangelist from New Zealand write this post to help expose the idea of Mormons (Later Day Saints) being Christians.

Bible says: And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.

Below is taken from a series of messages I received from a Mormon Missionary here in Ghana.
Please note I have heard similar teachings after meeting many Mormons on the streets of Ghana, and while in New Zealand.

Let me quote what this particular Mormon told me….

Elder ……. says: ‘I want you to know the bible is not perfect . It has plenty of mistakes’….

Later he tells me: ‘When I said the bible has mistakes I meant that things are missing or have been changed’.

He also went onto say: ‘We believe the bible as the word of god, but that it doesn’t have everything we need.Some of the things that have been changed or missing is that: *1 God is not a spirit, *2 It is missing the part talking about Joseph Smith. *3 The need to work for your salvation’

In another message he said: ‘The fall of Adam and Eve is a good thing.’
In another message he said: ‘ We also believe that man can believe and worship god any way they want.’
In another message he says: ‘I know the bible is from god, but has mistakes because it was translated by teachers not prophets. That is why we have the book of Mormon to correct the mistakes’…

Steve says, its obvious that Mormons or Later Day Saints can never be Christians as they reject the very words of Christ….

Jesus said in John 4v 24 “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

Besides this mormon told me he does not have salvation…

Reader stay away from Mormon teaching and instead trust/believe in Christ with your heart and confess him (invite him into your life) and then you will be saved. Then walk in obedience to all the teaching of the bible to show the world you are saved…