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Etherean Mission

November 26th, 2012 Comments off

Etherean Mission based in Ghana. Has been teaching that all people are children of God. Have been teaching ones-ness. That Christians, Muslims are one.
That we need to realize our God potential within……

Yet the bible would teach otherwise.
Romans 8:14 says that the children of God are those led by the Spirit of God.
So to be led first we need to be born again so we can receive the Holy Spirit.
We are only one, as Christ makes us one. We receive Christ to have the right to be a child of God. All who receive Christ have that right. Questions do Muslims receive Christ as savior and Lord?

WITHOUT REPENTING AND RECEIVING CHRIST WE HAVE NO GOD POTENTIAL WITHIN. God only comes in to us as we receive Christ by faith.

Reader beware. Etherean mission calls it self the church for spiritual empowerment. Yet is not a church at all. Let me quote from their website: We are here to promote the finest state of spiritual existence and to activate the kingdom of heaven which is already present and full in everyone on earth.

John 5:42 says but I know you. I know that you do not have the love of God in your hearts.

See we are not born with the love of God in us. We are lost/hopeless without Christ. That is why we need the Saviour.

So my fellow Ghanaians, and others caught up in Etherean Mission. Its better to follow the bible, than to trust in another gospel. Better to go to Pentecost or Christ Embassy, or a Presbyterian church. There you can know God. There you can be saved and built up in the Christian faith.

Steve D Andrews

African Revival Mission..

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Masons for Africa……

November 26th, 2012 Comments off

Hi you God fearing Mason’s. If you sense a short term missions trip to Africa. Maybe we can help.
Come and learn about evangelism in Africa. Plus come and help Steve build the African Revival Missions house.
Block layers would be most appreciated over the next few months.
Call me or email me on +23326789 0000 or