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Why I would not want be be a Sabbath Keeper!

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Is the Law Sin?

This could be another title for this post.
As often those who strictly worship on the Sabbath, have the concept that so called “Sunday worshipers” believe the law is sin.

Since I have come to live in Ghana. We have met many Sabbath Keepers as there is a Seventh Day Adventist congregation not to far from us. We meet them day to day and also as we minister the word in the community.

Often when we ask Sabbath keepers about their salvation, all too many/most reply: “that they are not sure of their eternal destination, saying that only God knows.”

It saddens me often, when engaging in conversations with Sabbath Keepers as they seem to lack basic bible knowledge/understanding as well. They seem to bear little fruit for Christ.

So over time I have really come to question if Seventh Day Adventists or Sabbath keepers of other denominations too actually have the Spirit of God.

Then reading Galatians 3 it became clear.
In Galatians 3v2 Paul is indicating that the Holy Spirit is not given to whose who are keeping the law. Then v 14 same chapter makes it plain. That we might receive the promise of the Holy Spirit through faith.

Galatians 3v12 Yet the law is not of faith.

Romans 14:23 whatever is not of faith is sin.

It is for the glory of God that we bear much fruit (meaning we live as Christ lives). Yet to do so we need the Holy Spirit. An evidence (though not thee only evidence (others as well is Assurance of salvation/victory over sin/love for the unlovely/biblical understanding/peace with God/gifts of healing/faith etc) is that we have received he Holy Spirit is that we can speak in tongues.

Why is it that the vast majority of people (I have only met one out of hundreds, if recalling correctly he received tongues in another church) of Sabbath keepers do not have at least the gift of speaking in tongues? Here in Ghana at least I have never come across a Sabbath Keeping congregation that understands or uses, at least the gifts of tongues.

Tongues is a great gift as it edifies/builds up the believer, enabling evangelists to preach. We do not have to fear the use of such gifts simply because there are counterfeits in the world. This is one reason why God has given the Church the gift of discernment as well.

Is this a reason why Strict Saturday Worshipers don’t bear much fruit?
Is this the reason why the Sabbath Keepers don’t speak in tongues due to their not having the Holy Spirit?

Another reason why I would not want to be a Sabbath Keeper; Is that often I hear them speaking out so harshly against the Christian body.

Yet bible is plain. We should be like Philemon and have a love for all the saints. Philemon 1v5

I love Sabbath keepers, yet its their un-fruitful doctrines we hate.

Evangelist Steve, wanting Christians to be equipped and Spirit led.
Evangelist Steve with God’s love for all we meet.


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