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Carpenters and masons missions trips.

November 6th, 2015 Comments off

Missions trips available in Africa. Short term generally 2 weeks up to 3 months. Come and experience ministry in Africa, with an experienced evangelist from New Zealand.

Ghana is a wonderful place to minister and to experience African Christian life. We have a missions base to complete. A base from which we plan to teach and equip Christians for service.

Electricians and plumbers are also welcome.

You can contact Steve at the following.
+233506789 000 (whatsapp), +233 26789 000

Like to hear from you all..



Missions trip to Africa.

November 6th, 2015 Comments off

Masons and carpenters short term missions trips are available. Minimum term of two weeks. Come and experience African ministry. Work with an experienced evangelist and team leader.

African Revival Mission is looking for masons and carpenters, plumbers and electricians to finish the mission base. We have been serving here for more than ten years.

Are you practical, good with your hands, skilled in masonry yet also have a desire to serve in Africa. Do you have a zeal for the lost. A desire to get involved in cross cultural evangelism.

Then give us a call, or contact us through the following addresses.
Phone: +233 506789 000 (also whatsapp) or +233 26789 0000
Love to hear from you even if you are just curious..

Blessings from Steve…

Masons and Carpenters for Africa…

November 4th, 2015 Comments off

Are you called to Africa. Have you a desire to serve in Ghana. Are you a skilled mason and/or carpenter? Escape the Northern winter.
A zeal for the lost? Or a zeal for practical works for the Kingdom?

African Revival Mission is looking for masons and carpenters (electricians and plumbers too) to serve here in Ghana.
We have a mission base to complete. Having blocks to lay, plumbing to be done. Electrical work, and window frames. A concrete roof to cast. Outdoor facilities to develop. …
Time here in Ghana would/could also include ministry and evangelism. We can introduce you to a lifestyle of being a witness for Christ. Cross cultural witness.
Opportunities to serve range. We are quite flexible.
Minimum length of stay really should be 2 weeks. Though a month or two would be better giving you a chance to sample and get to know Africa….

We have been living and serving in Africa for a number of years now. First with Mercy Ships and Youth With A Mission. Last ten years with our own ministry….

Love to hear from you…
Our email address is:
Phone +233 26789 0000 or + 233 50678 9000..

PO BOX CO 3783
Tema Community one


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