The West African Revival Mission(W.A.R.M.) began from a seed that was sown in Nelson, New Zealand. Here Steven Andrews was Born of God(1 John 3:9) in 1987. Later that year at Richmond Baptist Church during his baptism Service he received a written prophecy, saying that he was called to be a fisherman of men!

At Home in Mosgiel, New Zealand, he started attending East Taieri Presbyterian Church. There he was miraculously healed from a scare of cancer; delivered from a spirit of unworthiness; and generally made whole through the Love of God(Psalm 147:3).
A meeting in the Dunedin Town Hall provided him with confirmation of his calling to preach; through a word of Knowledge that was given by the New Zealand Evangelist Bill Subritzky.

From 1991 to 1998 he served with the Mercy Ships and Youth With A Mission Organizations. Initially in Tonga as a surveyor then later in West Africa on board the medical ship the Anastasis. There he was mainly involved as a leader of the youth in cross cultural evangelism, and also worked as a carpenter.

In 1998 while recovering from a bout of Malaria as he was leading the youth in Ghana; the Holy Spirit witnessed(see Romans 8:16) the following to Steve. That all that he was looking for in life that he would find in Ghana!

In September of 2004 Steve was finally back on Ghanaian soil ready to serve the people of West Africa as a fulltime Evangelist and to begin to walk in the promise given in 1988.  ‘I was always keen to return to Africa asides from the witness of the Holy Spirit, as I love the people and the environment and I enjoy doing the work of an evangelist. For me evangelism fits my personality.’

Here in Ghana, W.A.R.M. began working out the given vision, and has become involved with many different churches. To date most of the evangelism has been concentrated in the city of Accra, and the remote villages in the Upper West and North of the nation.

To bring revival to Millions (we gotta think big as we serve an Awesome God) with the same revival seed that was sown in Steve in Nelson in 1998. Through many creative ways as inspired by our Heavenly Father.
To see society at all levels throughout West Africa transformed by Jesus Christ from Street Children to Heads of State.
To establish active witnessing churches(an organized body of believers) in every town and village, but in particular where there is currently little Christian witness.
To establish cost effective training centres to disciple pastors, evangelists, etc in biblical excellence.
As an Evangelist to be effective according to Ephesians 4:11-13, in preparing God’s people for works of service.

To provide practical helps such as the purchase of boreholes for the provision of clean water in the villages. The bores in particular are a blessing as it makes it easier for the young women to fetch the water and they are then free and they have more energy to attend school.
Ghana has 45 000 Street Children. West African Revival Mission hopes to give some of them a Christ centered future. Who knows, maybe one of them maybe the next Barrack Obama?

Here in Ghana we pray and worship a lot. I hope in the future to have many West African’s praying for worldwide revival, and sending some of them to the nations with the “Great News”.

Evangelist Steve.
Phone +233 26789 0000