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Do Sabbath Keepers enjoy Christian blessings?

January 14th, 2015 Comments off

The Children of God have many benefits.

Christ in us, enables us to be loaded to live a God pleasing life.
After all Christians/or Christ in dwelling ones, possess God. In this life and also for all eternity.
How then could we not be loaded!

Some of the magnitude of blessings given through the indwelling Christ.
Assurance of eternity.
We are made as righteous as God.
Peace with God, and wisdom to live with man.
Power over sin/flesh the world and Satan.
We can live a God pleasing life.
We possess God now and for all eternity.
We are enabled to change, break bad habits, stop sinning. See 1Jn. 3:9
We have an anchor for the soul, a benchmark against which we can test for truth.
We are led by God’s Spirit.
Live free from condemnation.
We can speak in tongues, which is a sign of the righteousness within.

A question is this: Do Adventists/Sabbath Keepers enjoy/exhibit the benefits associated with the indwelling Christ?

We mostly ( African Revival Mission) have been dealing with Adventists, yet other Sabbath observing congregations we have met, exhibit similar fruit. That is no power to live.

Often on our outreach programmes, we meet Adventists. Common beliefs exhibited as a result of their human doctrines are as follows:
That all humans are just sinners, even Christian humans.
That no one is righteous.
That no one is or can be perfect.
That no one can be sure of salvation.
That you must keep the ten commandments to be saved, yet especially the 4th about keeping the Sabbath.
That speaking in tongues is something you learn.

Isaac an Adventist man I met last week said. Christ has given us the possibility to gain eternal life.
Another Adventist all dressed in a suit and tie was saying he was not righteous, just a sinner.

The Human condition is one of indwelling sin. This condition is well known by God. His solution to such a condition is the Indwelling Christ.

We can pray all day, asking for God to give us the victory over sin. Yet…………..
Its foolish to think we can overcome indwelling sin aside from having the indwelling Christ. Yet that is the struggle most Sabbath keepers/Adventists face. An impossible task.
See Galatians 5. In verse 2 it says if you become circumcised/or a Sabbath keeper then Christ will not profit you.
The result of being estranged from Christ. Estranged means to be made hostile to, see verse 4.

Big difference then, between. Trying to observe Sabbath and putting on a religious veneer/covering. Having to beg God for strength to defeat sin.
Compared to having the indwelling Christ’s sin overcoming strength.

Paul said its no longer I that live yet Christ lives in me. Paul knew and lived in this source of strength. That same strength is ours today. The lord Jesus with my spirit.
Christ with our spirit enables us to overcome sin, the flesh, Satan, the world.

Speaking in tongues along with other gifts of the Spirit, are a gift from the indwelling Christ…
Interesting then that, Adventist’s tell me that if I come to Ghana and learn their native languages then they say I am speaking in tongues.

This Post, serves as a warning. God desires all of us, all our heart, our mind. Yet without the indwelling Christ and his gift of righteousness you cannot draw near. Sabbath keeping estranges us or puts as at odds with Christ and his Salvation for man.
After many many conversations with Adventists in particular have seen that there is something amiss. Its like the lights have not been turned on.

Yet its obvious, just because someone comes to you with a bible under their arm, it doesn’t mean they come with God.

I have been asking Sabbath Keepers for scripture to support the command for Sabbath worship. They often ask for proof for Sunday worship. Yet Christians should have a desire to worship God everywhere, always and every day. We are not just Sunday worshipers yet worship God in Spirit and truth daily.

This article could just as easily be written about: The Jehovah Witness, Or Latter Day Saints, or Hindu’s, or Good news Mission (with Ock Soo Park), etc.
After all the Jehovah Witness have removed most of the Christ indwelling man scriptures from their version of the bible.

Seeker its better you walk in doctrine whereby salvation comes to you purely through faith in Christ, after all that is the only way God’s has for us to receive. While we were sinners Christ died for us. So then why would we have to add anything to the salvation that Christ brings. Like keeping a Sabbath for instance?

Definition of the Children of God.
Those that are led by the Holy Spirit as stated in Romans 8 v 14 all bibles.
To be led by the Spirit first you need to be made righteous so you can receive Him the Spirit.

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